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To Know Almeirim


Almeirim History

You will find in the Almeirim region its origins in ancient human groups that came here to set after the changes of the last glaciation.
There are materials from the Middle Palaeolithic, moving then to the Mesolithic. The Neolithic, Chalcolithic and the Bronze Period are also represented. The Iron Period branded enough this region as evidenced by the Local Archaeological Sites.
We have magnificent game reserves, that extended over a large length, the neighborhood of Santarem, the vicinity of the Tagus and even Lisbon, with easy access by boat, Almeirim became at the outset the favorite place of the kings of the 2nd dynasty and a winter resort frequented by many members of the Court, so that it was considered the "Winter Sintra" in the sixteenth century, as mentioned and said that "in Almeirim they were packed like sardines".
"Winter Sintra", as it was known to the Court, Almeirim was the scene of pompous parties and weddings between Princes, Maidens and Infantes, but from all this past that animated the Royal Palace, there is nothing today that can tell us of the luxury of that time.

República Garden

It was part of squares that existed in Almeirim, with particular interest in having been there the "Terreiro do Paço Real".

Lost the "Paço", of which was left a porch demolished in 1890, the land was then turned into "Praça do Comércio", where they traded, held festivals and promenades.

The bars were placed first on a brick wall and wooden railing in 1891, only to be replaced by wrought iron in 1896.

Almeirim was included in 1930 in a tourist area, being born then the project of landscaping of the space, the market there held started being made in a covered building inaugurated in 1932, and which still exists today. Since then the República Garden has been considered "the Almeirim living room".


Great bullfighting traditions since ever. Almeirim saw being built on land belonging to Quinta da Alorna a bulls square in wood with capacity for 3000 people. Inaugurated on October 22, 1938 it was the scene of several races, later demolished to make way for a modern building with excellent conditions not only for artists but also for the enthusiast public.

Part of the cultural heritage of our land, the bulls square as we know it today was inaugurated on May 16, 1954 by the initiative of several "Almeirinenses" fans represented by Manuel Laudácias, D. Luis de Margaride and Teodoro Prudêncio da Silva Santos, with capacity for 6700 spectators.